Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Simba & daddy

converted the above foto to cross-stitch patern. 
size : 80 stiches x 66 stitches
appx : 16 cm x 14 cm

Spent almost 20 hours to stitch this.. 
due to too much other work to do... so kerja ni di'simpan beku' untuk sementara..

hopefully dapat siapkan secepat mungkin.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nice scenary.. mountain + waterfall

This is the biggest cross-stitch project I ever work-out. The size is about 50 cm x 100 cm. I used 9 count fabric with 6 strand floss. I've started do the stitching in late year 1999. I still work on it on & off until year 2003 beforeI keep it away for years.

Just recently, in October 2009, I started to stitch again. I've have not been stitching since year 2003, very long gap indeed.

I've completed this work in early January 2010. I've not yet frame it. Need to save some money before I could send it for frame.

Among my earliest stitching works.. p2

A fren from Canada gave me this patern, together with the floss & fabric, in April 2000. It's took me years to complete this work. Until now, I have not yet completed this work.. too lazy to do the back-stitches. See the fabric has turned yellow. ^_^

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My tulips

I've stitched this tulips in year 2000. Stitched it on 9 count aida fabric, used 6 strand floss. I plan to frame this for our home wall decoration.

This is my attempt in year 2010. I'll stitch the same patern but using different fabric. This time I'm using aida 14 count fabric with 3 strand floss. I've not continued this project for about a month since I'm busy with the cross-stitch bookmark project and other a few cross-stitch order.