Saturday, March 6, 2010

My tulips

I've stitched this tulips in year 2000. Stitched it on 9 count aida fabric, used 6 strand floss. I plan to frame this for our home wall decoration.

This is my attempt in year 2010. I'll stitch the same patern but using different fabric. This time I'm using aida 14 count fabric with 3 strand floss. I've not continued this project for about a month since I'm busy with the cross-stitch bookmark project and other a few cross-stitch order.


  1. cantik la kakyong... jeles tgk kakyong de masa wat cross stich... shira dh jd first follower blog ni...hehe...

  2. shira,
    thanks jd 1st follower.. nanti kakyong cuba stitch something utk shira, sempena jd 1st follower... ;)
    nanti kakyong email or FB ya...

    tp kena sabar menanti lah yer..

    kalo ikut masa memang takde, tak terkejar dgn anak2.. tp usahakan juga agar tak sgt lalai dok bertenet... ;)

  3. hehe, thanks kakyong... suke2, hehe...